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Ernonheid - Paradis - Houssonloge


Don't miss the visit of this small village, situated far from large arterial roads with its high point at 370 m.
It was before the cities merging one of the smallest one in the province of Liège with 150 inhabitants and an 448 ha area.
Until the French Revolution the city of Ernonheid made part of the principality of Stavelot. During the Ancient Regime it possessed a seigneurie and a court of justice.
Before the church there was a chapel (1666) and the church itself was consecrated to St-Joseph in 1734. Only the old tower remained.

Old school of Ernonheid

Ernonheid a rural and residential village is linked to Harzé by wonderful walks in a variety of landscapes.
It constitutes the South of the new entity and is made of a plateau from which you can discover large horizons.

Its hamlets, Faweux and its castle and Pouhons have on the other hand, a more uneven relief.
The old houses of "Trou de Bosson", changed into beautiful holiday homes, welcome you and lead you through charming paths and woods to the top of Paradis.



You won't miss the farm of Paradis dating from 1685 and 1766 even if it seems older. According to the legend the sorcerer Bellem started working there as a servant and a shepherd.
Houssonloge chapel was built in 1925 in quarry stones of sandstone to follow Edgard de Potter d'Indoye's wish. It's put up on a hillock dominating the valley and Pouhon road.

St-Anne Chapel of the Pouhons was erected in 1524 by Colienne de Neufforge. In that time Pouhon was the center of a very prosperous metallurgical industry.
The sanctuary was made to react at the village population's increase. When the forges collapsed, it disappeared.

St Hubert's feast at the chapel

St-Anne chapel near the "Ruisseau de la Lembrée" (the Lembrée stream) is the only witness of the past and remains a peaceful place surrounded by a luxuriant vegetation.
Each year, in November, St-Hubert's day is celebrated with splendour. The hunting horns blare in the valley.
And after blessing hundreds of horses and dogs, a great barbecue gathers everybody in the nearby clearing.
Be sure of a great rural atmosphere.

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