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A legend told that this sanctuary was built in the 13th century with the remains of the old castle of Vieuxjardin. It became the parish church after the fire of St-Pierre church in 1961 in the centre of Aywaille.
There you'll see the miraculous statue of "Notre-Dame de Dieupart" venerated at a well-known place of pilgrimage.
The Virgin was invoked so that the children dead without being baptized could obtain eternal life.
This wonderful gothic church from the 13th century, listed in 1944, was restored several times and at last in 1972. It's situated on a small old charming square.

You can immediately refer to Marcellin la Garde's legends who tells us about the reasons why the old castle, the ruins of which are situated on the plateau of Henumont village, was destroyed on the order of Dame de Montjardin to be used for the construction of "Notre-Dame de Dieupart" Church.
The church is sometimes called basilica because it's built on the basis of the basilica's plans.

A passage with copper buches (listed in 1985) leads to Dieupart Castle (private site). It was from the 15th century the centre of iron factories.
The forging hammers were run by a reach of the Ambleve. A very important industry spread there until the 19th century thanks to the mining of Kin which fed the blast furnaces.
In 1898 the factory of Dieupart became a power station and provided the lighting of Aywaille village. Nowadays this place is the centre of a residential or a passing camping.

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