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Aywaille, City of the good welcome

Aywaille is a 8.004 hectares city, the largest area among the 21 cities in the district of Liège.

Aywaille straddles the Condroz and the Ardennes and is situated about 20 kilometres to the south of Liège, 15 to Spa and 60 to Bastogne.
Its population is coming to more than 12.000 inhabitants.
Its area consists of 45,7 % of wooded and wild country, 29,9 % of agricultural areas and 24,4 % of built-up areas.

The E25 motorway goes across the area from North to South on 11 kilometres and two exits (n 46 and 47) lead to Sougné-Remouchamps and Harzé.
There are 42 kms of regional roads and the roads of the city spread out on 300 kms.
Amblève is the river crossing the commune from East to West on a 15 kms distance.

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